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So who are you really?

What is it that you love?

What do you dream of ?

Psychology has revealed that up to 70% of our “learned” behaviours are disempowering, self-sabotaging and limiting. FasterEFT helps you disentangle from what is not essentially you and find the courage to be your true self and live your best life. 

So why is this important? 

When you live an authentic life, you are living a fully expressed life which creates health and happiness. Being in alignment with what you want, you experience fulfilment, and of course, the body follows the mind. Yvette Rose, author of Metaphysical Anatomy, says: “When people move away from what they really want, whether this is conscious or unconscious, their body becomes rigid, resistant, fatigued or depressed, as what they are doing does not resonate with their true passion in life.”

FasterEFT takes you on a journey of self discovery to move you towards living authentically and on your terms.

“Everyday you must transform the unwanted effects of your past and turn them into your dreams. Then you will SOAR!”

Robert G. Smith

A world leader on human behaviour and personal development. Dr John Demartini, says you have to take off the mask, get real and congruent. “Your true power is being just you – not exaggerating yourself or putting yourself down…When you are living from your highest value, you are spontaneously inspired from within to fulfil that…Know thyself, be thyself, love thyself…the secret of mastery. Whatever is highest on your value list that no one has to motivate you to do, that’s it.

Watch THIS interview with Dr Demartini on How To Find Your Mission In Life

Take the test to discover your highest values…

HERE is Dr Demartini’s Value Determination Process

Oprah’s life coach, Harvard-trained sociologist, Martha Beck says: The you that fulfils your destiny cannot be the same you that’s blindfolded by false beliefs.

“Your life is not little, and your playing small doesn’t serve the world. Your living large, on the other hand—your being your true self despite fear, fatigue, doubt, and opposition—will serve the world more than you can imagine. In fact, it may help save it. And saving the world, after all, is what all heroes (including you) are here to do.”

martha beck

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