“All wonders you seek are within yourself.”

– Sir Thomas Browne


FasterEFT embraces healing attitudes which include self approval, acceptance and self love.

It recognises that the choice to not love yourself originates from all the records and proofs held inside the subconscious mind and is ultimately keeping you safe in some way. This can be changed by changing what you hold inside and your references to love. You can love yourself in a whole new way.

Self love is a goal for ultimate healing and FasterEFT helps you achieve it.

The greatest legacy the late Louise Hay left the world is teaching the art of SELF LOVE.

Louise was the founder of Hay House and author of many books, including You Can Heal Your Life. Notably she led support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, teaching self-love and acceptance.

She advocated connecting with yourself through mirror work and being your own cheerleader. Looking into a mirror each morning and saying “I love you” was key. She said you are talking to your inner child who always wants love. “Ask: What can I do to make you happy today?” 

In her work, Louise urges you to stop criticising and rather try approving of yourself – the key to positive changes. “Be willing to forgive. Love is always the answer to healing and health. Release the past and forgive everyone.” 

She said the person you need to forgive the most is the one you find hardest to let go of. It had nothing to do with condoning behaviour; it’s just letting the whole experience go and returning to the present moment. They were also in pain doing the best they could with the knowledge they had. “To heal we need to change our thinking, to forgive and to love and accept ourselves more. This is the road to freedom.”

The worst thing we can do is get angry at ourselves, she said. All the joy goes out of a child if you yell and scream at them. The same thing happens to the little child in us. we lose our joy, spontaneity, creativity. Accept how you are right now, truly loving you. Don’t wait till you lose weight, have the right job. You are denying your existence right now. Don’t wait till you’re perfect. wasting lives..We are always unfolding in the best way we can…When we truly love ourselves no negative patterns can survive.”

Our birthright is to be totally healthy and fulfilled in every area of our lives.”

At 86 years old, Louise said she was still working on improving herself. In a Tapping session with Nick Ortner (EFT) in 2013, she Tapped on a pressure in her neck which often showed up when something nice was about to happen. She traced it back to her step father holding her head under the water, with his thumb in that exact place on her neck.

Psychologist, author, hypnotherapist and leading celebrity therapist, Marissa Peer, is a present-day advocate of SELF-LOVE, with her therapeutic teaching of “I AM ENOUGH”.

She has helped thousands overcome profound personal issues and reveals that her fundamental rule is that all our emotional and personal problems come from us believing that we’re not “enough”.


Watch her video HERE: The biggest disease affecting humanity: “I’m not Enough”

How to Love Yourself – Getting Started the FasterEFT way.

You need to start by going inside yourself.

This can be a scary idea at first, but it is the only way to truly make significant changes.

If you’re looking for the solution to how to love yourself, this is the only one.

And it is not as scary as you might think.

The unknown is always scarier.

Go inside gently, but do go inside.

You won’t find the answer anywhere else.

Start from where you are right now.

Notice how you feel, notice what bothers you, and then use the FasterEFT process to tap it out until it flips.

Make a list of the things that bother you about yourself – all of the things you don’t like about yourself – and then pick the worst one.

Think about it, and notice how you know it bothers you.

What is it you dislike so much, and why?

Then, tap.

Keep repeating the FasterEFT technique until you can’t find that feeling of being bothered by it anymore.

Keep going until it changes.

Go through the list, doing the same with each thing you don’t like about yourself.







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