Interview with FasterEFT practitioner, Mark Shihadeh

Mark Shihadeh is an advanced Level 4 FasterEFT practitioner and certified life coach in the law of attraction, living in San Bruno, California, USA. He shares his tips on how to live an abundant life. I shared all his nuggets with my 21-day tapping for abundance group.

Join my 21-day abundant life challenge Starts October 1st!

Stop. Take a sharp turn. Experience the extraordinary.

Are you ready for powerful change & a whole lot of fun as we turn up the volume on your life?

I will guide you through 21 days of exciting transformation, getting clear on what you want and letting go of tired old ways of being that you’d like to be done with. Sound good?

This is what is in store…

Learn how to tap with my guided videos of short daily tapping exercises, mindset work, meditations and inspiring material so you can start to see from a place of power and clarity which sets you up to harness abundance. Choose to engage with all material or just what serves you. The goal is to know yourself better, start shifting, start aligning with and creating what you want. Time commitment is at least 30 minutes a day.

I will send material and the task of the day the night before, to be completed.

Attend 3 live webinars for powerful group tapping exercises (or watch the recordings). There will be a few opportunities to experience an individual session with me (to be recorded for the group). Acquire enough practice to use tapping as a self-help tool for life.

This challenge is available to anyone interested.

The challenge will be run in a closed Facebook group where confidentiality will apply.

This is a sacred pause to go deeper within and create miracles. (Definition: a remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences.) Warning: Only join this group if you expect results.

This is what I say…

* Stop wasting time, waiting for “something” to magically happen or someone to give you permission.

*Stop being a victim.

* Stop sabotaging success.

* Step up and start living.

* I will give you the tools over 21 days to take control and start designing & creating what you want. Sound good?? !

*Become the hero on your journey.

*Take the first step…Places limited. Starts October 1st. Cost AU$49

Payment details: Paypal or bank deposit BSB 734655 A/C 649575. Email me with any questions

Testimonial from my previous 21-day challenge:

“I can say this experience transformed my life! I’m so impressed on how quickly tapping is working in my favour and how many amazing things I’m manifesting! Firstly I’m way calmer! My relationships improved significantly as I learnt to let go of my past and hurtful memories. I’m also eating less food, completely stopped drinking my glass of wine at night and have no cravings for it anymore! It just happened, I didn’t even tap on it! 🤯 my body is also responding really quickly and I’m feeling skinnier, healthier and happier!! My lower back pain is way better and I’m feeling soooo empowered to live an amazing life and keep creating miracles! I just want to keep tapping forever! Hahaha this technique really resonated with me! Thank you so much Darene for this incredible journey and to you ladies that stayed strong here with me on this journey! My heart is so full of gratitude 💙🤩🦋”

~ Louise

Interview with Jacqueline Tipping-Schutt

Interview with Jacqueline Tipping-Schutt, Project Leader for the EmotionalEd program being launched as a pilot program in 2020 by Robert G. Smith under the FasterEFT/ eutaptics® banner internationally to support educators and school children.

Interview with Alan Combies

Alan Combies graduated from College top of the class with a Psychology degree, but lacking confidence to launch his career, he quickly found a crutch in alcohol. He turned it around with tapping. Alan is a FasterEFT practitioner in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, USA. Alan’s nuggets of wisdom. * I knew I was capable of more and that led me on this journey. I started to tap for 30 minutes every day and something started to change. * My own results were a product of getting to understand the nature of where feelings come from and what they’re communicating to us. They’re not letting you know what you’re capable of as a human being; what your values are. They’re letting you know the flavour of trance we’re caught up in. * I still have ups and downs but I’m really getting better at navigating them more every day. And that to me is the purpose of the journey. * There is no such thing as the magic tap that fixes everything. * Tapping pulls you out of trance. As a practitioner I know that who you are is immaculate; it’s who you are before that trance. I know that for certain. I always go back to that. * All I need is a crack in the door for light to come in. And then I remind them who they really are. * Try to have some fun. connect with why you’re here and what your’e doing. (As a musician) I decided I was going to put passion into every note that I played, sink my soul into it. * The more we understand our experience, the more adept we get at riding the waves of life. You can find Alan at and on Youtube.