Hi! I am Darene Puttergill and I’m ready to help you overcome the obstacles between you and your true potential.

I will mentor you through neuroscience-based techniques to transform limiting beliefs and experiences that have shaped you and your reality. By changing negative drivers blocking your success, you will rewrite your story and claim the life you were meant to live.

I specialise in helping people across the world show up 100% as their authentic selves personally and professionally. I work with everyone but MY SPECIALTY IS WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS! In my process we will:

  • Investigate and uncover the blocks, subconscious programs and patterns that prevent you from thriving and excelling in business.
  • Identify your unique blueprint for a healthy, happy, meaningful life that is deeply aligned.
  • Help you overcome visibility blocks and Imposter Syndrome so you can show up with ease as your authentic self and own it!
  • Release overwhelm and exactly what is preventing you from showing up so you can launch your business, make sales (goodbye money blocks!) and thrive.
  • Increase self-worth and belief so you are unaffected by what other people think.

It’s your birthright to live a fully expressed life. And you may know you are not because you are struggling emotionally or physically. Let me mentor you through a cutting-edge modern psychology process.

Being You Is A Superpower

Have a wander through these pages, and if you like what you see, and are ready for exciting change in your own life, whatever that means for you, then let’s get together

I can’t wait to walk beside you on this part of your journey.


Get to know me, ask questions and work out which of my packages are a tailored fit for you. This is an obligation free chat.

This course will help you understand the tapping method and psychology techniques I use as well as how the brain works – which we adopt in our favour to create lasting change.

Hi Darene, I’m feeling terrific! I really do feel lighter and more free. And it has felt so easy to set and keep boundaries these past two days–things have certainly come up that I might have felt obligation toward in the past, but I felt perfectly fine with not engaging myself! Wow. I feel brave and strong and even excited to watch memories bubble up to be transformed. I am so very grateful to you for your time in my session. You are very skilled! It was wonderful to feel at ease so quickly with you! Thank you for the summary; I have printed it and will rehearse. The words on the page have life, like I’m reading them with new vision. And, my belly has been so good! This morning I felt hunger, not hurting, and I was so excited by the sensation I danced a little. I look forward to processing the session further in the coming days/weeks as well as using more tapping with my students. Thank you again, Darene!

Michele Reger, USA