Hi! I am Darene Puttergill and I’m ready to help you overcome the obstacles between you and freedom. Are you ready to tap into your true potential?

I am your mentor and guide to help you rewrite your story and claim the life you deserve.

I specialise in helping people across the world show up 100% as their authentic selves personally and professionally. Everyone needs help to uncover the blocks that prevent them from thriving and excelling. I am here to show you how to release what is preventing you from living a healthy, happy life that is meaningful. It’s your birthright to live a fully expressed life. And you may know you are not because you are struggling emotionally or physically. I also specialise in helping women entrepreneurs smash blocks to personal, professional and financial success. Let me mentor you through a cutting edge modern psychology process.

Being You Is A Superpower

Have a wander through these pages, and if you like what you see, and are ready for exciting change in your own life, whatever that means for you, then let’s get together

I can’t wait to walk beside you on this part of your journey.


In this call you can get to know me and ask about the processes I use to help you decide if you’d like to work with me.

Hi Darene, I’m feeling terrific! I really do feel lighter and more free. And it has felt so easy to set and keep boundaries these past two days–things have certainly come up that I might have felt obligation toward in the past, but I felt perfectly fine with not engaging myself! Wow. I feel brave and strong and even excited to watch memories bubble up to be transformed. I am so very grateful to you for your time in my session. You are very skilled! It was wonderful to feel at ease so quickly with you! Thank you for the summary; I have printed it and will rehearse. The words on the page have life, like I’m reading them with new vision. And, my belly has been so good! This morning I felt hunger, not hurting, and I was so excited by the sensation I danced a little. I look forward to processing the session further in the coming days/weeks as well as using more tapping with my students. Thank you again, Darene!

Michele Reger, USA