So glad you are here. Did you know YOU are the hero of your own life? Transformation starts here…

I often recall my first FasterEFT session with humble gratitude. It led me on a sacred path to reclaiming myself. It was a holy disentanglement of who I thought I was expected to be and who I am. I let go so much of the conditioning that we are all subject to and embody on our life journeys. My life now has more peace, purpose and open excitement, amongst the daily chaos of being a human being!

FasterEFT/ eutaptics® is a modern psychology tool used by many health professionals and practitioners. It is a swift, elegant healing modality which embraces cutting edge neuroscience, psychotherapies and techniques including EFT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy. I am humbled when I see a client shift so quickly.

Healing is moving towards a life of desire and possibility. It is about letting go and receiving. It’s the reclamation of amazing you. It is about forgiveness of self and others. It’s about letting go of patterns, programs and conditioning acquired from your culture, caregivers and influencers since childhood, that keep repeating and sabotaging what you want to create for yourself. It is the realisation that true North lies in the graceful act of unravelling who you really are so you can live your purpose, find calm and just enjoy being you. The object is less stress, less struggle, more clarity and greater physical and emotional health.

Have a wander through these pages, and if you like what you see, and are ready for exciting change in your own life, whatever that means for you, then let’s get together soon.

Watch this TED talk by Dr Peta Stapleton on the clinical research behind Tapping and why it’s regarded as the fourth wave in healing

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