12 Days of Awareness in December

A gift from my mind to yours! Give yourself an original gift this Christmas, the gift of noticing. Sign up to receive my daily 60-second audio pause points of awareness and wisdom directly to your WhatsApp. Give yourself a Christmas gift full of light. To make you think about life in a profound and different… Continue reading 12 Days of Awareness in December

Ten Incredible Reasons to Tap and Change

I came out of my yoga class this morning and sat in a coffee shop enjoying that feel-good moment when you know you’ve contributed to your well-being and it feels like a mini celebration. As I looked over a sunlit swimming pool, a mindfulness “take a moment” notification popped up on my phone. I listened… Continue reading Ten Incredible Reasons to Tap and Change

A Walk in the Wild, Devonshire Tea & Tapping Join me and a group of fellow revellers & lean into life, nature & the zest of well-being. For Devonshire tea & tapping at Secrets on The Lake in Montville For immersion in nature. For friendship & fun. Enjoy a morning of leaning into what you… Continue reading