Interview with Alan Combies

Alan Combies graduated from College top of the class with a Psychology degree, but lacking confidence to launch his career, he quickly found a crutch in alcohol. He turned it around with tapping. Alan is a FasterEFT practitioner in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, USA. Alan’s nuggets of wisdom. * I knew I was capable of more and that led me on this journey. I started to tap for 30 minutes every day and something started to change. * My own results were a product of getting to understand the nature of where feelings come from and what they’re communicating to us. They’re not letting you know what you’re capable of as a human being; what your values are. They’re letting you know the flavour of trance we’re caught up in. * I still have ups and downs but I’m really getting better at navigating them more every day. And that to me is the purpose of the journey. * There is no such thing as the magic tap that fixes everything. * Tapping pulls you out of trance. As a practitioner I know that who you are is immaculate; it’s who you are before that trance. I know that for certain. I always go back to that. * All I need is a crack in the door for light to come in. And then I remind them who they really are. * Try to have some fun. connect with why you’re here and what your’e doing. (As a musician) I decided I was going to put passion into every note that I played, sink my soul into it. * The more we understand our experience, the more adept we get at riding the waves of life. You can find Alan at and on Youtube.

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