Success-proofing your January goals!

The last and PROFOUND word on setting goals for yourself this year…

You may want to heal.

You may want to change your body.

You may want to accelerate your business.

You may want to stop criticising yourself.

You may want to perform better.

You may want to make more money.


The most interesting concept to consider as you reach for progress may be the concept of RADICAL SELF ACCEPTANCE.

Because what we resist persists (Carl Jung). And when we soften, relax and view ourselves and our situation AS PART OF A UNIQUE JOURNEY we’re on, with oodles of compassion for what we’ve been through and how we’ve fared (good or bad) we can start to let go and move in a new direction.

It all just is. (Ram Dass says it’s all perfect.) And change is inevitable. And it’s exciting that you can steer that change to line up with your very own, unique inklings of your mission/s on planet Earth.

So a great way of looking at progress is to first accept yourself right now, in whatever financial, emotional or physical position your are in. That’s right, just be still and feel utter self compassion.

  1. Notice the events that led you here. Any insights?
  2. Notice (despite any disparaging thoughts) how far you have come. Accept. Love.
  3. Take a moment of stillness to let wisdom in as to what direction you want to go in next. Does it feel aligned?
  4. Are there any negative messages from your subconscious? Write them down.
  5. Tap on any fear for your future plans. The common ones are fear of failure, fear of rejection and fear of success.
  6. Now create a strong vision for your year and maybe even your life.
  7. Remember there will be setbacks and re-routing; it’s all part of it!
  8. Keep moving forward gently and kindly but with great determination that it’s all unfolding in your favour.

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