Ten Incredible Reasons to Tap and Change

I came out of my yoga class this morning and sat in a coffee shop enjoying that feel-good moment when you know you’ve contributed to your well-being and it feels like a mini celebration. As I looked over a sunlit swimming pool, a mindfulness “take a moment” notification popped up on my phone. I listened to the 30-second byte. Sam Harris (neuroscientist) urged me to take a moment to consider that the people around me were all lost in thought, and that the thoughts swimming in their minds were mostly negative. 

Now I’m not at all saying I don’t have negative thoughts, but I felt so happy to notice an instant disassociation from that statement. I like to think that I swim in a great deal of happy thoughts and when I don’t, I welcome the signposting to what is stirring fear in my survival brain or illuminating a limiting belief, or triggering something discordant from the past that is still remnant in me. But most of all I was happy to notice that being content is how I’ve rewired my brain and that eutaptics® FasterEFT tapping has got me there. 

You see, I am a practitioner, but I am also a student on the beautiful, chaotic, ever-winding road of self actualisation. I tap when I’m bothered. I use all my learnt and still-learning ancillary techniques to bring my nervous system back into balance.

I’ve learnt the answers are all inside of me. This is key to being able to identify what’s within my control and changeable, and what to dismiss. Life is always asking me to show up and choose a path to play on. I love this invitation to create, help and connect. But now I do so mostly in check with my values, my mission, my desires. A sprinkling of fear is quite normal. 

So let me explain how tapping can be a doorway to the self, peace and joyful living with these ten reasons to tap and change:

Here they are:

  • No matter how lovely your childhood and culture was, you adapted to fit in. Now it’s time to choose values and beliefs for yourself, that align with your unique truths. Take a moment to notice what these truths may be and how not honouring them has impacted you. 
  • The investigative process involved in tapping sessions gets to the root cause of why you feel bad/ are stuck/ can’t lose weight/ can’t make money/ are addicted/ are ill (yes, 90% of illness and disease is stress-related).
  • Life is too short to stay ill/ stuck/ small. eutaptics® FasterEFT tapping is a swift, neurology and science-based method to self empowerment.
  • This style of tapping changes deep-seated, unhealthy subconscious core beliefs and updates memories and events that hold them in place.
  • It is difficult to consciously change our programming as we operate from the subconscious brain 95% of the time. Tapping is a way of reorganising the subconscious.
  • Working with a practitioner amplifies the change-work but alongside these professional sessions, you learn how to use tapping on yourself and how the mind works.
  • Change is usually swift and long-lasting, on a somatic and mental level. You won’t have to have professional sessions forever. Some people even forget they had a problem!
  • Tapping creates a healthy, happy you (mind-body harmony) that lives more consistently in the present moment than a stew of negative thought. 
  • The change you create with this therapy at the end of your fingertips (sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it!) puts you in charge of your life, so you can follow your purpose, create what you want with calm and confidence, impacting everyone around you positively.
  • Tapping is a gift in bows that you get to unwrap and keep for a lifetime. Approach it with curiosity and determination and there is life before and life after.

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