Words To Heal With

Words to heal with and create subconscious change.

When it comes to helping create change for a client, there is so much subtlety in a practitioner-client exchange. The level of trust and rapport, cues of safety, sensory acuity and how to loosen lifelong beliefs and dogma are key.

The following words are very useful to employ



What if

Therapist, Robyn E. Brickel says using the word “And” as a concept for healing is life-changing, and the possibilities are pretty incredible. 

“When you use the word “but” between two statements, it negates everything you say before it, while “and” allows you to be saying (and holding) both.”

Consider “I love you but…” versus “I love you and”. 

“And” is expansive, comforting, gentle and inclusive. It means you can hold two truths. And life is so NOT black and white. 

It’s worth noting that the subconscious mind will only accept what it doesn’t conflict with – that is, your life bank of experience that’s been encoded and recorded. It’s a process of trust changing, creating new beliefs, confidence and inserting new information. 

These words could be the bridge.  

So next time you tap try providing wiggle room, with words like “maybe I can do this” or  “I’m feeling angry and I want to change this” or “what if this pain is trying to tell me something”

Instead of force and sheer willpower, which will not work, you are letting the subconscious know it’s possible. 

You are letting yourself know it’s possible. 

What if, and maybe, this is how we change.

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