About Me

I’m an advanced Level 4 Faster EFT practitioner and passionate about this comprehensive and elegant healing modality, grounded in science. I’ve been able to help so many clients, and this makes every session remarkable for me and a great privilege to be part of.

I was almost “made for it” with a background in journalism. Now I’m looking for the standout features in the stories of people’s lives that are causing distress,  helping collapse, eradicate, reframe, make peace with and rewrite. I consult in our pharmacy which is where many people find me for sessions. I also work online across the world.  My work (and privilege) is about really listening to a client, connecting and understanding the internal structure of what is presenting as a problem and where it’s originated from. The next step is to dismantle it with a bunch of elegant techniques, including tapping. As we start to cut the legs out from under the chair, the shift can be momentous. Most of the time this starts to happen after the first session. Sometimes we need just a few sessions, and other times I will recommend several more.

I started my FasterEFT journey by having sessions on myself and could not believe how quickly I could smash blocks that had held me back for so long. I felt so empowered, in 2017 I went off alone and walked the Camino de Santiago across Spain. I found Tapping and walking to be an incredible combination! Sometimes I shared the technique with others. In 2018 I walked most of the ancient pilgrimage way from the Great Saint Bernard Pass in Switzerland to Rome in Italy.  In 2019 I led a group of 6 on the Camino de Santiago, teaching them how to Tap and walk with intention. Covid thwarted plans to take another group to Italy in 2020.

In early 2019 I was cleared of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis after being told by three doctors it was incurable. I feel that I owe this to Tapping. Getting to the source of my condition, reducing stress, changing negative memories and references, and shifting perspective gave me back my power and self belief. My immune system responded accordingly.

I keep stepping into who I truly am and coach my clients to do the same. Tapping is a tool I now use regularly. It’s an amazing stress buster in the heat of the moment.

My clients leave my sessions with this remarkable tool to relieve stress and work on improving themselves. You become your own guru!

So what about you? Is there an area of your life you would like to change? Are you living with trauma or anxiety? Physical or emotional pain? Do you just feel stuck? Do you dream of peace and happiness?

Are you ready to embrace your one wild and precious life and follow your heart?

Book a Tapping session with me and I will take you on a journey to help you let go of your own obstacles.

Let’s do it.