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In 2022 we walked 200km across Spain to Santiago.

Prepare for wonderment and renewal on an extraordinary journey of the heart and soul. Camino enthusiasts, Darene and Sylvie can’t wait to guide you across stunning natural landscapes and through quaint villages steeped in history. Enjoy the satisfaction of walking each day, with pure joy, stillness, friendship and deep connection with yourself. Experience intimate encounters and create unforgettable memories. 

In 2023 we have 3 different ways of experiencing a Camino. You get to choose! The routes we will walk are still to be decided.

Feeling inspired? Come walk with us…


What is a Camino?

Camino is a Spanish word that means way, path, route or journey. In medieval times people walked “this way” as a religious pilgrimage for atonement, to Santiago de Compostela in Spain (to the tomb of St James the apostle) or other sacred places such as St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. Today it has become a modern day pilgrimage. People walk hundreds of kilometres on any one of a network of routes for the adventure, the spiritual experience or for religious reasons. It is acclaimed as a highly transformative journey.

I love the idea of creating this pause point in our busy lives to renew our intentions for the next part of our life journey and to heal something that’s holding us back from thriving. The Camino holds the history and energy of humanity in search of prosperity and connection. In every indigenous culture, people left the tribe in search of the sacred within themselves, found reflected in the land. This is the perfect backdrop for taking a journey of the heart. This is where we reconnect to ourselves, purpose, passion, people, living a wholesome life and deep belonging. I couldn’t think of a more profound experience, and that is why I return regularly to share it with others. Using my experience as an emotional wellbeing therapist, I am able to support and facilitate deep growth and insight. This is such a privilege. Even if you decide to just take the adventure of walking through charming villages steeped in history, exquisite countryside and enjoying beautiful people and accommodations, you will not only tick it off your bucket list, you will be changed forever!


No matter where you are right now, your life is always beginning, and we couldn’t think of a more magical place to start, following ancient, fragrant paths into little European villages, surrounded by friends. Being on Camino is a wild dream. You cannot know it till you do it. It marks you and claims a seat in your soul. It’s a reminder to live in awe and wonder in the present. So come walk with us; the path is made by walking…



You want to take this journey with a group of people in the pure spirit of fun, personal achievement and adventure. You can’t wait to have a taste of the Camino, a bucket-list experience – its authenticity and some luxury.


You want a bit more than an adventure. You want to fill your soul with some extra activities along the way. You want renewal and transformation. Group tapping (FasterEFT), meditation, yoga, women’s circle sharing.


You want serious transformation. This is what you’ve been looking for: You want to heal/ move your life in a powerful direction, with support. You want private and group tapping sessions along the Camino in a very small group of 3-4. You want to experience the benefits of eutaptics® FasterEFT™ and other useful healing techniques while experiencing the transformational nature of a spiritual pilgrimage.

We can’t wait to walk alongside you on this most beautiful inner & outer journey of connection, self enquiry & celebration.

It’s an absolute game-changer.

Darene and Sylvie on pilgrimage to Rome 2018


I walked my Camino with Darene and Sylvie’s group in July 2022. It was a profound experience. It was the first time travelling alone for me and leaving my family for 2 weeks, so I was very nervous. However, from the moment I left the airport I experienced so many Camino miracles. The goodness, love, kindness and support of the group and others. There is so much to write about from the wonderful unique accommodations to the spiritual experiences, hand on heart this was truly a life changing experience for me. I feel I have met friends for life.

Joanne Cunningham

This is an incredible full range introduction to the Camino experience and the Way of the Pilgrim. A taste of everything from dorm rooms to luxury, pilgrim meals to local cuisine, something for everyone to inspire an incredible transforming life experience. I highly recommend these with Darene and Sylvie…a perfect balance of organization and care with blended with skill and expertise in guiding you as a pilgrim through this amazing adventure that will last your lifetime. 

Lorraine Allen

By sending us your details, you will go onto a no-obligation waiting list, in order of first in. We will be in contact with you in 2023 to provide more details. This is where it all starts!