12 Days of Awareness in December

A gift from my mind to yours!

Give yourself an original gift this Christmas, the gift of noticing. Sign up to receive my daily 60-second audio pause points of awareness and wisdom directly to your WhatsApp.

Give yourself a Christmas gift full of light.

To make you think about life in a profound and different way.

So you can tweak it for the extraordinary.

I have gathered 12 days of paradigm-shifting, inspirational bytes from a wealth of great thinkers, past and present, that have influenced my progression as a human being in profound and beautiful ways.

And I want to share them with you too!

It is my wish that in these 12 days of Awareness you will:

  • Become aware of your mind & see things in a new light
  • Create space to let wisdom drop in
  • Consider your purpose/ mission
  • Gain clarity
  • Start to feel more in control
  • Make mindset adjustments
  • Feel good!
  • Let go of negativity and victimhood
  • Realise you are exactly where you’re meant to be

Starts on December 1st. SIGN UP OR MISS OUT!


Here’s to noticing. To living awake. To pivoting.


Darene Puttergill – Mindset Mentor

Yes, please. Register me to receive my daily inspirational 60-second audio memos from 1-12 December on WhatsApp

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