What Can I Expect?

First of all, congratulations on taking this step!

  • Before our session (usually 90mins – 2 hours) I will send you a digital form to fill in with your history and what is holding you back from your best life. This prepares you and me in getting the most out of the session.
  • I will ask you more questions, noting emotions, limiting beliefs and memories/ core imprints connected to the problems you want to solve. Change lies in unearthing subconscious tendencies which create your reality and are hardwired since birth. If there is a memory you prefer to keep private, we can assign it a name and still release and change it with no content shared.
  • During the second part we will tap (either in person or on Zoom – in which case you will tap by following me) – between the eyebrows, side of the eye, under the eye and on the collarbone. We then squeeze the wrist, where there are more meridian points, take a deep breath in and out, which engages the vagus nerve to relax the body. You will repeat what I say while we tap.
  • The stronger you associate with the hurt/ pain, the more effectively it collapses the problem during the tapping process. With various techniques, including tapping we start to disrupt and alter the structure of how the problem is held psychologically and somatically.
  • We will test how it changes using the recognised SUDS rating (Subjective Units of Distress Scale). We will complete the process by naturally adjusting harmful and negative memories and events. This highly therapeutic method calms down the brain’s amygdalae which is the system’s “smoke alarm” that can put you into a fight/flight or freeze response.
  • During the session we future pace you towards your desired outcome and you start to align with how you would like your life to be. You are literally participating in redesigning your life and rewiring neural pathways.

“My aim is for you to achieve powerful transformation, release hurt, heal pain and clean up the past. The idea is that you start to attract into your life exciting matches for your new felt realities.”