Thank you. You have changed my life. I am still smiling. Have done another few “sessions” on myself and so much keeps coming out. Thank you for teaching me to love me.

Pam Andrews


Thanks Darene. Even though I’ve used tapping in times of great stress, with great results, I found what you did very powerful. It is a great combination of modalities put together. Your focus on what I was saying and what stories/ beliefs I could choose to release and replace with a more supportive story, was really powerful. Thank you.

Ros V.


Thank you sooo much for the gift of this session you did with me 🙏🙏🙏, I feel like you shifted several crucial pieces in the process of me recovering my life energy and I can’t wait to see how this will evolve from here, because I have no doubt at all the work we just did will have a major impact. Keep up the amazing work you do. ❤️

Greet Brouckaert, Belgium

I am feeling anxiety free and full of inner joy since our session! No more panic attacks.

Peter, Noosa


Thank you Darene for helping me and my daughter! Getting my daughter over her fear of the ocean (after literally not swimming for a year in the sea!) that’s just incredible beyond words. Then working with me on my addiction to sugar- it’s been about 3 weeks now and I can say I have not had any chocolate or sweets nor has it been as much of a tough decision as when the thought enters my mind it’s just SO much easier to not go there, I still have a way to go but so far so good. You are doing such a great job I am so appreciative keep it up, changing one life at a time that’s just such a beautiful thing xxx

L Urness


I was recommended by a friend to see Darene and experience a FasterEFT session.
I have been experiencing low-grade depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroid disease.

I have been to counselling etc. but talking and talking was not really helping and I was told that this bypasses all of that and addresses the subconscious mind directly.

After my first session I felt a sense of calm and was able to take home the techniques to use whenever anything comes up for me.

My Hashimoto’s thyroid condition test results came back clear today.
My anxiety has also settled down really well.
Anytime I feel an anxiety or a situation surfacing, I tap away – replacing the fear/anxiety with a positive outcome.

Many thanks.
Annette, Sunshine Coast Australia


I’m very grateful for the release after last session. I am feeling so much more like myself again. And reduced anti-depressants (with doctor) down  to 3/4 from 2.

Jodie, NSW


Hi Darene, just thought you’d like to know, after our tapping session for my glaucoma, my last two field tests were better than the last. (There is no cure and it’s irreversible) My specialist was baffled! I don’t have to see him for a year now!!
Thank you!! 😊🙏👏

Sue, Sunshine Coast Australia


Today is the first day in a long time I’ve looked in the mirror and liked what I see. I feel hopeful today about the future. I have to stay focused on what I want and need.

Thank you for everything. I know FasterEFT has changed me so much. And I’m going to continue across ‘the river of change’. Because I know it’s worth it.


Nicola, Sunshine Coast


Hi Darene, I arrived back in Sydney this afternoon. I found yesterday’s session with you to be a profound experience! As you predicted I was exhausted afterwards. I drank lots of water! I also feel a sense of clarity and comfort in moving forward. Thank you very much for a powerful, impactful session. I felt safe, nurtured and supported throughout. Thank you. I slept soundly and can’t recall any significant dreams. Thank you for emailing me the summary from yesterday, I’ll look forward to reading it and practicing the technique. Thank you for our session yesterday and for facilitating it with such care and kindness. Best wishes.

Kirsten, New South Wales


Testimonial on 21-day tapping challenge

“Dearest Darene – thank you thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I wanted to tell u first – My non profit has been shortlisted for funding…I’m staying overnight with some lovely friends and they offered me a glass of wine. I said no thanks – I don’t drink alcohol – then added – except for French champagne…5 minutes later he brought out two bottles of French to choose from!! So he already knew we had something to celebrate !! 😁😁💕💕🙏🏻🙏🏻🦋”Wow, it’s been fun.

RT New South Wales


Testimonial on 21-day challenge

Day 21 done. I didn’t want it to finish to be honest. I can say this experience transformed my life! I’m so impressed on how quickly tapping is working on my favour and how many amazing things I’m manifesting! Firstly I’m way calmer! My relationships improved significantly as I learnt to let it go of my past and hurtful memories. I’m also eating less food, completely stopped drinking my glass of wine at night and have no cravings for it anymore! It just happened, I didn’t even tapped on it! 🤯 my body is also responding really quickly and I’m feeling skinnier, healthier and happier!! My lower back pain is way better and I’m feeling soooo empowered to live an amazing life and keep creating miracles! I just want to keep tapping forever! Hahaha this technique really resonated with me! Thank you so much Darene for this incredible journey and to you ladies that stayed strong here with me on this journey! My heart is so full of gratitude 💙🤩🦋

Louise Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Darene, I appreciate the gifts you share. I’m so happy and grateful for your support, guidance and the tapping. It’s helped me move forward and release some baggage. Keep shining your light. Thank you so very much.

KG Brisbane


Hi Darene, I’m feeling terrific! I really do feel lighter and more free. And it has felt so easy to set and keep boundaries these past two days–things have certainly come up that I might have felt obligation toward in the past, but I felt perfectly fine with not engaging myself! Wow. I feel brave and strong and even excited to watch memories bubble up to be transformed. I am so very grateful to you for your time in my session. You are very skilled! It was wonderful to feel at ease so quickly with you! Thank you for the summary; I have printed it and will rehearse. The words on the page have life, like I’m reading them with new vision. And, my belly has been so good! This morning I felt hunger, not hurting, and I was so excited by the sensation I danced a little. I look forward to processing the session further in the coming days/weeks as well as using more tapping with my students. Thank you again, Darene!

Michele Reger, USA


1 thought on “Testimonials”

  1. I just loved the results I have received from faster eft.
    Darene is such a welcoming kind soul who I automatically felt comfortable working with.
    Having had outdated patterns from early childhood like rescuing in relationships, not loving myself, being everything others so they would love me and trying to being perfect just to mention a few.
    Now after doing eft I feel a real sense of calm and peace
    I now do tapping every day as I find it gets me in contact with me and what I truly want out of life.

    Thank you so much Darene

    Sunshine coast Qld

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