Why Showing Up And Becoming Visible Is A Sacred Path to Health & Well being

I have been thinking about the subject of visibility a lot lately. 

Showing up has been my story and my hunch is it’s yours too, to a greater or lesser degree. 

  • Maybe it’s a struggle to like how you look, let alone be self-assured. 
  • Maybe you’ve held yourself back from sharing your opinion. 
  • Maybe you default to being submissive. Or when you do speak out, you feel a shameful, uncomfortable remorse. 
  • Maybe you’d like to just be able to honour that voice inside, that says “I have something to say” but you hush it for fear others may not like it. 
  • You may feel rejected, stupid; you self-confirm that you’re not worthy of being heard.
  • You may be in business but you can’t bring yourself to show up online with much confidence. You just don’t know enough despite the courses you’ve taken, plus you don’t look the part. You feel like a fraud.
  • Oh the discomfort. 
  • People will silently exclaim. People will laugh or switch off. The humiliation, the failure. Oh crap! Better stay small and do nothing.

I believe working on becoming visible in a way that is congruent, is a profound step in healing and living a whole life. That’s the only aim in this game: Winning at being you. To be you, unabashedly, kindly and undeniably. In a way that serves you. It is standing rooted to the ground with both feet, saying out loud, “I am here. I belong. I count. I love and accept this body and mind. I have things to do. I have places to be. I am learning as I go and I go forth bravely. There’s no wrong way of doing it. I say just start. Your health counts on it. Funny that.

My story is a useful one, with a history of struggle to individuate and express myself from early on as a little girl. I realise now that I would most often be in fight, flight or freeze, trying to navigate ownership of my shyness, overwhelm and sharing part of myself without meeting disapproval. This was my subconscious vow – to be liked. To be loved. Years of internal stress production, I believe, contributed greatly to a depleted nervous system and auto-immune disease onset.

I had a great childhood and was greatly loved, for the record. It is so interesting to me how we arrive with our unique personas and genetic make up, and then start encoding our environment, reacting in our own specific ways to ensure survival, in accordance with ancient instinct. We will do much to stay aligned with our tribe. This is how my brain dictated my survival (it’s most important job.) I can still remember my sensitivity. My hot cheeks, racing heart, losing my breath, churning words over in my head before speaking for the fear of getting it wrong. Even as an adult. MY BRAIN DECIDED IT WAS APPROVAL OR DIE. It did make me into a good, agreeable citizen and there were many benefits. I did well, I worked hard and I was a leader. I wouldn’t change any of it.

But life can be full of grace, and mine was the disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and the luck of finding and immersing in a healing modality – eutaptics FasterEFT tapping. I was able to elicit and gradually transform the roots of my stress response. I imagine stress chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline diminished and health markers like stem cell production, immunity and gene expression up-levelled, as shown in clinical studies on tapping.

This is Earth School after all, and I believe we’re here to find the centre of ourselves and the truth of everything. I’ve had to unstitch my protective identity and meet myself head on as an exquisite child of the universe, with agency. I transformed the unhelpful proofs in my subconscious awareness, such as the memories of shutdown and allowed new learnings to update my past and present. I allowed myself to be seen and heard for my self-valued truth, without fear. I allowed myself to meet disapproval and be okay with it. To banish the insidious physical and emotional effect of blocking the flow of creating my life out loud, proudly. Taking ownership and standing tall.

It’s been a lesson in love. Loving me in a way that no-one else could. Faults and all.


So are you showing up for yourself in your life or in your business the way you would like to? Meeting and sharing your truth and your gifts? Being on purpose. It takes vulnerability and being prepared to get it wrong. That’s why it’s a hero’s journey. You are meant to meet obstacles and overcome them. I overcome mine almost daily with tapping. I’ve just completed a 3-Day Visibility Challenge for a group of practitioners and entrepreneurs, meeting obstacles that get in the way. We traced and met them head on with vulnerability. We found childhood memories of when we first learnt that there was such a thing as disapproval. We tapped on the shutdown. The fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of rejection, perfection, Imposter Syndrome and every roadblock to being our authentic selves. We rewired for being seen, heard and self-love. And then for action. There’s always the action and more vulnerability. It is the cousin of visibility. May this be one big jot forward in the journey to living out loud. 

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