Catherine Jaffe PMH, CNS-BC

Being a prescriber and therapist for over 25 years I have been on a long journey searching for both personal healing for Complex PTSD and to assist others in their process. As a result I have explored many options including talk therapy, CBT, DBT, EFT, EMDR, Somatic therapies, Meditation, Accelerated Resolution therapy and Ketamine. None have been as effective as my 6 sessions doing FasterEFT with Darene Puttergill. I believe the obstacles I have processed and overcome in that short time would have taken me decades to accomplish using EMDR (which I am a staunch supporter of) or other somatic therapies. If you are ready to do this work on yourself, to shed any negative beliefs and memories that are holding you back contact Darene Puttergill. She is a skilled and compassionate practitioner of FasterEFT. She is authentic, dedicated and will accompany you on your journey so you are never alone doing this work. I never once felt fearful or overwhelmed during this process. I cannot recommend her more highly. I feel “lighter” and more hopeful of the future now than at any other time in my life. I have a clear understanding of my dynamics in a meaningful and useful way. In addition to facilitating this work, I have been gifted by Darene, with many tools in all formats:video, audio and written resources to revisit whenever I need to. Darene Puttergill is an awesome GIFT.