One Small, Wild, Amazing Thing!

This is for you.

Join my “don’t-break-the-chain” 12 days of committing to something new.

This is a golden opportunity to show up for yourself and gain momentum with something you have wanted to do consistently but haven’t managed to implement yet. Or maybe you have some creative urges and you want to start a wild fire!

Commit to one small, wild, amazing thing that has the potential to add amazing grace, vigour and value to your life! It doesn’t have to be big. It just has to have meaning for you.

Introduce ONE THING into your day and repeat it for 12 days with me as your mentor and the group energy of like-minded innovators.

This is your life. Make it more amazing.

To take part, please join my pop-up FB group here by November 30th. Here are the don’t-break-the-chain rules:

  • Do your “thing” daily and post your result daily in the FB group with a photo (you or your amazing thing with a description). This will keep us all entertained for 12 days!!
  • Stick to the rules or you must gracefully exit.
  • This will keep you accountable.

So what can you introduce or trial for 12 days to add some salt and pepper to your life?

It can be something you would like to commit to that you’ve been considering for a while but it has seemed too hard or evasive.

It can be a new healthy habit or something you would just like to gain traction with so you can start to notice results.

Here are some ideas…

  • A daily gratitude practice or meditation or tapping routine
  • One painting a day
  • Write one poem a day
  • Running/ walking 3km a day/ 12 push ups a day
  • Eliminating sugar
  • No alcohol
  • No smoking
  • A blog post a day 
  • Waking up with the dawn
  • A daily random act of kindness
  • Writing one letter a day
  • Journaling every day


Starting December 1st and ending December 12th.

THAT’S IT. SIMPLE. ONE SMALL, WILD, AMAZING THING. Who knows where it will lead?

What will you do?

Your greatest mentor through change.


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